Originally posted by Salsa Labs

by Brett Schenker, Senior Deliverability Manager, Salsa

Spam rules are a superstitious cowardly lot… wait, those are criminals, and I’m not Batman. Spam rules are really more of a puzzle and even the best decoder ring won’t help you solve them. That’s why we’re here to help out!

During the email creation process, you’re given the opportunity to check your email against the latest set of Spam Assassin rules. This is a commonly used rules set and it gives you a good idea as to how your email will do when put up against the various spam systems out there. But, if you do get a warning about a rule, the response is usually pretty opaque and not clear as to what exactly it means.

So, we’ve decided to make it easier on you by telling you what to look for when trying to solve these issues. We’ve put together a Spam Rule Cheat Sheet. It lists some of the most common rules that you’ll run up against, an explanation of where you might find the issue in the email, and some idea as to how to fix it.

The sheet will be updated with advice and insight as new rules and updates are released. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to solve your spam issues!

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