Over his more than dozen years in the politics, Brett Schenker has made his mark in Washington, DC and in the political e-communications arena. Schenker’s work has ranged from legislative activities, campaigns, and political action committees (PACs) to advising associations and multi-million dollar corporations on technology solutions, new media, and email strategy.

Schenker currently works for NGP VAN as their Sr. Email Deliverability Specialist. He’s responsible for overseeing the delivery of millions of emails daily not just keeping up good relations with others in the space, but also tracking trends, shifts in email, and knowing how best to resolve issues as well as best practices to guarantee success.

He’s spoken on the subjects in webinars, conferences, published white papers, and worked as a consultant for organizations and companies in need.

In 2008, Brett launched Graphic Policy, a website/blog that mixes geekdom and politics. Since its founding, the site has focused on transparency, inclusion, and progressive values not just reporting on news, but also advocating for a broader community.

The site has morphed from its “political roots,” to generally covering the comic industry with previews, reviews, interviews, and general convention coverage. It is the leading site for demographics reporting monthly on what data is available and the shifting comics fandom.

In 2010 the site launched Graphic Policy Television and 2011 the site expanded with Graphic Policy Radio.