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Politics, Digital Strategy, and Entertainment

With more than a dozen years managing and consulting for some of the largest issue advocacy organizations in the country, Brett Schenker is regarded as one of the industry’s leading experts on email and deliverability. Schenker’s work has ranged from legislative activities, campaigns, and political action committees (PACs) to advising associations, nonprofits, and multi-million dollar corporations on technology solutions and email strategy.

He’s the founder of entertainment websites Graphic Policy and Board Game Today.

What I Do

Digital Strategy

Market Analysis

Email Deliverability

CRM Management


1/07 – Present 5B Consulting, Falls Church VA Founder

  • 5B Consulting focuses on data, technology, outreach, policy, email and online strategy
  • Zoop – Marketing Director – Zoop is a crowdfunding platform for the geek space. Launched in June, the platform has raised over $325,000 for multiple projects bringing them to market. Responsibilities include: email strategy/acquisition, social media, and advertising, data analysis
  • Halen – Communications Manager – Halen is a soon to be launched community based super app. As part of the communications team, responsibilities include press outreach, press tracking, and database management
  • Clients have included the DLCC, Chef Binks, Clear Legal, Brian Moran, National Restaurant Association, Impact Marketing, comiXology, ComicBlitz, PETA, and more.

1/14 – 8/21 NGP VAN, Washington DC Sr. Deliverability Specialist

  • Acted as the email deliverability specialist overseeing IP reputation and delivery of client email to email providers
  • Advised clients which regularly improved email metrics and results
  • Managed deliverability for 4 different bulk email platforms that combine for over 50 billion messages sent a year. This included a dual deliverability/compliance focus for each.
  • Kept up on new industry standards, best practices, and worldwide laws governing email
  • Managed product development to improve delivery/deliverability and client experience
    • Developments increased client open and click rates by multiple percentage points
    • Developments increased “inbox placement” based on ReturnPath sender rejected and filtered stats by over 10 points
  • Managed a team of 5 individuals
  • Represented the company at conferences, webinars, on listservs on the subject of email and deliverability. Worked with marketing for blog posts, webinars, live video, and conference presentations.

2/10 – 1/14 Salsa Labs, Inc., Washington DC Email Deliverability Czar/Guru

  • Worked with 100s of non-profits and political campaigns on digital email strategy
  • Acted as support contact and account manager for 18+ of the companies top clients including the DSCC, Equality Federation, EWG, Forest Ethics, and True Majority
  • Prepared materials for clients to teach best practices including white papers, blog posts, and presentations
  • Oversaw a team of three staff members

11/07 – 7/14 Entertainment Consumers Association, Washington DC Online Advocacy Director

  • Worked with the Policy Director to research and draft stances on legislation and issues
  • Managed from development to launch over 60 digital advocacy campaigns, winning every legislative action
  • Launched their CRM/CMS solution including email, digital advocacy, chapter management, and more
  • Research and wrote part of the ECA Amicus Brief for Brown v EMA
  • Managed social media channels including Facebook and Twitter
  • Launched initiatives like Gamers for Health
  • Grew the supporter database to over 1 million individuals

2/08 – 6/09 Virginians for Brian Moran, Alexandria VA Internet/Database Director

  • Planned and implemented long term strategy including email, ads, online fundraising, new media
  • Wrote blog posts and emails raising over $250,000 online
  • Created, managed, and implemented the social networks
  • Managed and organized the database growth from ~30,000 contacts to over 85,000
  • Created a data flow plan
  • Wrote the policy plan focusing on technology and governance
  • Managed online correspondence, handling over 250,000 messages

1/07 – 1/08 Chris Dodd for President, Washington DC Database/CRM/Internet Team

  • Managed and organized database growth from 45,000 contacts to over 300,000 contacts
  • Planned and coordinated the use and workflow of multiple database systems with staff
  • Identified, designed, and implemented new technology including UStream, DTV, Talk  Clock, Whip Call Tool
  • Helped develop the layout and needs of 2 updated versions of the Dodd website
  • Managed and built relationship with social network providers
  • Acted as point person for the creation of all online action items
  • Coordinated and targeted email blasts
  • Helped with blog outreach, online advertising, and web action plan

6/05 – 12/06 Forward Together PAC, Alexandria VA Database/CRM Administrator

  • Managed database growth from 60,000 contacts to 200,000 contacts
  • Implemented the vendor search, design, and launch of a new CRM/database solution
  • Tended to staff database needs including training, service desk, reporting, and analyzing of data
  • Developed a Video Game Outreach strategy including an appearance in Second Life
  • Oversaw a team of interns

1/03 – 6/05  Senator John Kerry (D., Mass.), Washington D.C. Special Assistant

  • Email Correspondent – read and responded to an average of 2,500 emails per day
  • Intern Coordinator – chose, orientated, and supervised over 150 interns chosen over a 2 year period from 1,000’s of applicants
  • Internet Strategist – developed and began implementation of a comprehensive internet strategy
  • Mail Room Coordinator – supervised mail operations and guided the staff through new mail safety procedures, a vast influx of mail, and adapted technology to digitize faxes and streamline letter composition

7/02 – 11/02  17th District Victory Fund, Galesburg IL Field Organizer

  • Organized field operations for coordinated campaigns in Knox and Henry Counties
  • Recruited over 600 volunteers, not including Union volunteers
  • Planned and executed all door-to-door canvassing and phone banking operations, ID’ing over 99% of registered voters
  • Represented candidates Congressman Lane Evans and Governor Rod Blagojevich at local functions, panels
  • Arranged candidate events, such as press announcements, fundraisers, rallies, parades
  • Oversaw the Knox county GOTV effort with 300 volunteers and 15,000 contacts
  • Ran an internship program with local colleges and coordinated volunteers from the local high schools involving 20 college and high school aged individuals

7/01 – 1/02  Erie County Legislature (D., Majority), Buffalo NY Legislative Staff

  • Attended pre-budget proposal meetings and reported the contents, analyzed proposed budget creating information packets for legislators, attended budget hearings and compiled question and answer packets
  • Managed public information hearings concerning the business community
  • Clerk for the Government Affairs Committee – scheduled meetings, contacted participants, prepared committee folders, moderated/recorded the meetings
  • Wrote proclamations and press releases


  • Panelist at conferences such as Inbox Summit East, San Diego Comic-Con, Baltimore Comic Con, and more.
  • Salsa Labs Conference – speaker – presented on Email Deliverability in 2012 and 2013
  • 2009 Reed Award Nominee – Best Use of Email/Viral Marketing
  • Parafest ‘06 – speaker – “Assembling and Leveraging a 360 degree View of Customers”
  • Parature Technology Board – 1 of 4 Parature clients in 2006 chosen to on the companies user advisory board guiding enhancements and direction of the system
  • Salsa User Advisory Board – 1 of 12 Wired for Change and DIA clients invited to guide development and direction of the system


University at Buffalo (S.U.N.Y.), BA Degree – Political Science, 2001