Email is more than creating content and clicking send.


Deliverability Audit

Think your having issues getting to the inbox? I’ll audit your current email program to find if you’re having issues and suggestions on how to resolve them.

Ongoing Email Monitoring

The deliverability problem has been identified and resolved but are you nervous about it returning? I’ll regularly deliver reports on how your program is doing, issues that arise, and how to resolve them before they become a bigger problem and hurt your program further.

Deliverability Consulting

You have issues, but what now? I’ll work with your team to improve your inbox placement, increase your open rates and raw opens, and more importantly your return on investment. A little work can increase open rates by 600% and raw opens by 400%!

Email Program Analysis

Email is no longer about bulk sends with the same message to everyone with a few variables changed. I’ll examine your program, sign up process, messaging and more, delivering ways you can improve your program and results.

Case Studies

Case Study A

Smaller lists can create greater success.

By decreasing their list by over 76.5%, an organization saw their raw opens increase by over 566%.

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Case Study B

Success can come quickly.

While fixing their deliverability, an organization’s monthly volume decreased from 1.26 million to just under 300,000. But, their open rates increased from 9% to 43% and setting them on a path for record sends and opens.

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I’ve known Brett professionally for more than 10 years and worked with him on multiple platforms. He is the most knowledgeable email delivery specialist in this space and his expertise is unmatched.

Jason Rosenbaum 
Managing Director, SKDK