Originally posted by Salsa Labs

by Brett Schenker, Senior Deliverability Manager, Salsa

For those who have heard my rant about email delivery and spam systems, you’ll have noticed a reoccurring theme: There is not just one single set of spam rules. No programs are created or enforced the same, and they are constantly evolving and growing.

Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Positini, Barracuda, Brightmail, Cloudmark, MessageLabs, IronPort, Outlook 2003 and 2007 all have different rule sets that react to your email in their own special way. Some messages may send and some may fail because each individual system has learned what its users do and don’t want to receive.

Salsa provides you the opportunity to check your email blasts against a set of rules before sending them out. SpamAssassin is a rather common spam filtering software that gives you a general sense of how well your email will send. Too many folks don’t take advantage of this feature of the email blast system. People need to recognize that just because you’re ok with SpamAssassin, doesn’t mean you’re ok with every system.

One question I often get is what exactly the returned messages from SpamAssassin mean. It’s in rather “techie speak” and not always clear as to what the issue is. Well, I came across this handy guide that explains some of the rules and how to fix them.

So, for those who take advantage of this Salsa feature already, interpreting just got easier. For those that don’t, get started today and give your emails the best chance they have at being delivered.

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