Originally posted by Salsa Labs

by Brett Schenker, Senior Deliverability Manager, Salsa

Thank you everyone who attended this past Third Thursday’s event covering email deliverability and spam. It’s always fun to engage and teach a crowd about something that’s not common knowledge and quite complicated. The questions are always great and you can see folks working through in their heads how the information presented affects them.

Thank you to Dolores McDonagh, VP of Consulting, Charity Dynamics, and Brenna Holmes, Director, Interactive Department, CCAH for being on the panel. Dolores’ years of experience with keeping your list properly cleaned proved invaluable. And, Brenna was able to provide insight on proper follow up emails.

Here’s just some of the information you missed by skipping out on this event.

  1. 294 billion emails are sent every day and 97% of them are unwanted.
  2. Spam filtering systems are like kingdoms, they all have different rules and change them on a whim. Sadly you often don’t find out you’ve done wrong until it’s too late and you’ve lost your head.
  3. Lots go into delivering an email, from technical things like speed of delivery and server connections, to the content and then finally they recipients themselves.
  4. Spammers make it more difficult to get legitimate email delivered by restricting what content works and just ruining it for the rest of us.
  5. On top of the actual content you write, making sure emails are relevant to the audience and getting them engaged is key. Email providers pay attention to how people interact with your email, not just what’s in them.

They world of email is ever evolving with best practices always changing. We’ll be keeping you up to date with the latest information and tips right here so make sure to come back weekly for your email tips.

If you missed the event you can find my presentation here.

Happy sending!

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