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With the announcement of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman by Warner Bros., I wondered just how popular is Wonder Woman around the world and more interestingly, in each country. With there being over 200 countries in the world, I narrowed the focus a bit. I picked countries in various parts of the world that I think would be interesting and vary in results. I included nations from every continent (no not Antarctica) and a few that I wanted to choose, like Iran, wouldn’t return any data due to policies in the country (like Facebook being blocked).

Below is the raw data of all of the countries I looked at, and if folks want me to check out others, sound off in the comments below!

While men made up 52.65% of the population in these countries, they accounted for 56.90% of the Wonder Woman fans. If you remove the nations that didn’t have recordable Wonder Woman fans, the male population drops to 52.34%, but increases as Wonder Woman fans to 56.96%.

Green is for the highest value in that column and red is for the lowest. If the space is blank, then the results were below 1,000 fans.

Wonder Woman Facebook DataYes, I know some percentages are above 100. It’s a quirk of the Facebook system of their rounding numbers.

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